Empowering manufacturers. Creating jobs. Transforming our city.

Bay Bucks supports a business-to-business (B2B) barter Trade Exchange, where local businesses can use their own goods or services to buy things they need – without cash! Networked barter using Bay Bucks helps you convert your excess inventory or idle capacity into an asset that expands your profit margin, improves your cash flow, and helps you reach new customers – all while strengthening our local community.

Joining Bay Bucks allows you to trade your own product or service for accounting services, legal advice, medical care, food and beverages, and much more. Instead of taking out expensive business loans to get started or buy that new piece of equipment, let Bay Bucks help you trade what you have for what you need. The Trade Exchange is a place where businesses can deposit their own goods and services and then withdraw the goods or services of any other participating businesses from the Exchange – you do not need to find a business to trade with directly. Instead of using cash, all transactions are done in Bay Bucks, a digital currency.

If you would like to experience the business benefits of conserving cash and reaching new customers while helping build a vibrant local economy, contact Bay Bucks today.


Dr. Chong Kee Tan
[email protected]