Peggy da Silva is a workplace training consultant, with roots in public health and adult education.

Her philosophy recognizes that all organizations need their people to work better, smarter, and with more engagement.

Her specialty is training for front line staff people: for example, warehousers, production workers, and truck drivers – positions that are not always offered high-quality training. Peggy works with managers to define job functions and competencies. Training leads people to understand exactly what is expected of them: the specific task, their relationship to the business whole, and how they can contribute their best. She attends to evaluation at all levels of training – from the initial satisfaction of the learners, to immediate demonstration of competence, to effect on the business’ bottom line (or lines).

Peggy’s training approach is modular, so that a company can build one block at a time, developing a training system that is appropriate for that specific business. Peggy coaches managers as training develops, assuring that the training integrates with each company’s unique mission and business imperatives.

Peggy’s special niche is with food and beverage companies — in San Francisco she has developed training for Veritable Vegetable and Anchor Brewing. However, the systems she creates, in partnership with a company’s leaders, have been adopted by a variety of organizations across the country. Having grown up in San Francisco, Peggy is most delighted to work with her neighbors!

Contact: Peggy da Silva
[email protected]
(415) 305-7897