Empowering manufacturers. Creating jobs. Transforming our city.

Our Company started in 1919 in San Francisco and just before the 1989 earthquake we moved to a larger facility in Hayward. Lawson Drayage provides expert machinery and equipment moving and installation to manufactures in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our main focus for a majority of our Company’s history was on the manufacturers within the San Francisco city limits. But as the Bay Area began to grow we moved to Hayward where we could serve San Francisco as well as the greater Bay Area.

Lawson looks forward to assisting new manufacturers coming into San Francisco and will give a 10% discount to any new customer.

Please see our yelp review here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/lawson-drayage-inc-hayward

You can also learn more about our company at our website: www.lawsoninc.com