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About Rocket Science:
We take big-company, expensive technologies and make them affordable by spreading the costs across our client base. It’s pretty magical, if you think about it. Really crazy prices on really cool stuff help us offer two things: solutions you wouldn’t be able to afford, and technology we wouldn’t be able to play with otherwise. Everybody wins.

Your business is taking off and you’ve got questions about keeping that momentum going. You need to set up POS, phones, email, computers, printers, and networks. You need a trusted advisor to help navigate through growth and change. You see technology as an investment, you want the right solution, and you want options and business rationales. We can help.

You’re creating something amazing and need help giving your business a ‘voice.’ You want a tailor-made solution that gets noticed and ensures your long-term brand success. You need logos, web design, business cards, a brand. Print. Digital. Large or small. Just ask.


Simms Brooks Cate
Partnerships Manager
[email protected]