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United Cold Storage is a public refrigerated warehouse located at 1600 Donner Avenue off Third Street in San Francisco’s Bayview district. We are a service company providing frozen, refrigerated, and dry warehouse space, handling services, and trucking and rail service, primarily to the food industry. We store raw materials, packaging materials, and finished goods for many of the area’s specialty food manufacturers and wholesale distributors.
We allow San Francisco’s food industry members to invest their funds in production rather than warehousing, purchasing only the space they need only as long as they need it. We store as few as 10 cases of product to as much as 3000 case railcar quantities allowing small startups almost unlimited expansion capacity and large firms improved purchasing power. Several of our largest current and former customers began life as San Francisco start-ups.

We have over two million cubic feet of capacity with room for expansion to 2.8 million cubic feet, are certified Organic, and maintain Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to the guidelines of the American Institute of Baking (AIB.)

Current configuration: Nine (9) rooms capable of a variety of temperatures giving us the ability to change our configuration as markets demand.
Freezer – 1,200,000┬ácubic feet at 0 F
206,000 cubic feet at -10 F
Cooler – 330,000 cubic feet at 29-36 F
Dry – 350,000 cubic feet at 50-60 F

Trucks – 30┬áTruck doors for everything from cars to small trucks to 80 foot big rigs. We have a yard lift for loading and unloading vans.

Rail – 2 rail doors on a 600 foot spur unloading and loading direct to rooms.

Ocean containers – We load and unload ocean containers virtually every day and can plug them in overnight allowing late delivery without compromising product temperatures.

Online access – We offer online access to inventory and activity records with activity posted online within 2 hours of completion.

Transportation – We offer local and regional trucking and can arrange transportation nationally.

Languages – English, Spanish, Cantonese

Service – We do not require appointments. We strive to work more with our customers’ schedules than with our own, and we smile.

Clint Morgan
Warehouse Manager
[email protected]
(415) 822-8445