SFMade can help you to access capital and provide tailored financial advising. To get started, click here to complete the Craft Capital questionnaire and SFMade will work with you to review your finances, and help access the appropriate source(s) of capital for your business.
This program is for SFMade members only.

Access to Capital Assistance:
SFMade can help you access capital for a variety of purposes including startup costs, working capital, equipment, inventory, tenant improvements and real estate purchases. There are two ways we can help:

1. Educational Workshops
Throughout the year, SFMade conducts workshops focused on how to raise money and on the steps to financial health specifically for manufacturers – including how to analyze your financial statements. Please visit our calendar of events for workshop listings and schedules.

2. Phone or in-person Consultation
Looking for capital right now? We will work together to understand your specific needs, identify the appropriate types of capital for your business, and give you access to the sources that are the best fit for you. To get started, click here to complete the Craft Capital questionnaire.

Financial Advising:
SFMade will start by reviewing your company’s financial statements. Depending on your needs, the SFMade staff or one of our advisors can help to:

  • Analyze your financial performance
  • Identify red flags
  • Analyze your gross margin and your various income streams / product lines
  • Recommend indices / KPIs to track
  • Help with budgeting and forecasting

We will contact you to schedule a consultation after you complete the Craft Capital questionnaire.

More Info:
For more information please contact:
Pierre Coeurdeuil
Advising & Education Manager, SFMade
(415) 408-5605 x 11


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