Janet Lees
Acting Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Janet Lees is SFMade’s Co-Founder and acting Chief Executive Officer.

As acting CEO, Janet is responsible for leading the organization to ensure its continued growth and impact. She is passionate about working with manufacturers and harnessing the power of the sector to create a more equitable and inclusive economy.

As Co-Founder and visionary, Janet has been instrumental in building every pillar of the organization including key strategic partnerships, the SFMade brand, and the entire suite of programs and services. She is currently leading the geographic expansion so that the organization can increase impact by  serving  more manufacturing businesses in San Jose and the East Bay.

Janet has spent her entire career working at the intersection of entrepreneurship and economic development. Prior to SFMade, she served as Program Director at the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, where she led the organization to numerous national awards for innovation and program excellence.

Janet speaks on urban economic development and the manufacturing sector at national conferences and symposiums, and has been a featured expert in numerous local and national publications.

A native of the UK, she studied English Literature, History, and Politics at the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England.

Contact Janet:
415-408-5605 x 2

Pierre Coeurdeuil

Director of Advising and Education

As Advising and Education Director, Pierre provides specialized and tailored technical assistance to our growing manufacturing companies. He oversees our comprehensive and evolving suite of industry-specific advising and educational offerings, providing SFMade member companies with support to help them scale profitably, and sustain and create new jobs for diverse local residents.

Prior to SFMade, Pierre co-founded Petit Pot, a dessert manufacturer now based in Emeryville. In addition to making delicious pots de crème, he lead business development, operations and marketing. This entrepreneurial experience gave him a practical understanding of key manufacturing practices, and complements his background in project management.

Pierre is a native of France where he studied food production and industrial performance management. He holds an engineering degree in Agronomy and Food Industry.

Contact Pierre:
415-408-5605 x 11

Linda Becker
Development Director

Linda Becker is the Development Director for SFMade. Linda works to secure and grow SFMade’s funding base, enabling it to sustain and enhance its mission. She is overseeing the establishment of an annual giving campaign, as well as refining the organization’s infrastructure for fundraising and donor cultivation.

Prior to joining SFMade, Linda worked as the Program Manager for Sherwood Institute, a non-profit focused on advancing resilient energy, water and ecological infrastructure. Concurrently, she also worked as a Project Accountant for Sherwood Design Engineers, the Institute’s for-profit sister organization. Before joining the nonprofit world, Linda had a successful career as a project manager in the information technology industry, where she was responsible for running complex internal and client-facing development projects.

Linda holds a BA in Urban Environmental Studies from San Francisco State University.

Contact Linda:
415-408-5605 x 12

Martine Neider
Director – Manufacturing Operations

Martine Neider is the Director of Manufacturing Operations at SFMade. She provides targeted advising on operations, efficiency, supply chain management, and modernization to manufacturers throughout the Bay Area.

Martine came to SFMade from Advanced Prototype Engineering where she designed and installed manufacturing facilities. Prior to building machine shops, Martine worked in fabrication and business development at several Bay Area hardware start-ups and manufacturers including Other Machine Co., Otherlab and Makani Power.

Martine holds a BA in Art History from Williams College.
Contact Martine:
415-408-5605 x 6


May Behrens
Senior Analyst & Database Specialist

May Behrens is the Senior Analyst and Database Specialist at SFMade. May is responsible for Salesforce administration and back end operations that enables SFMade’s programs and events to run smoothly and efficiently, while also empowering staff to accomplish data-driven tasks.

Previously, May held various digital marketing, analytical, and operational positions at San Francisco-based start-ups. She had also served as a volunteer CRM administrator for Women’s Global Leadership Initiative: Bay Area based non-profit focusing on socio-economic empowerment & leadership development.

May holds a BA in Economics from California State University, East Bay.

Contact May:
415-408-5605 x 15


Medo Nasry

Medo Nasry is the Controller for SFMade. He has more than 10 years of nonprofit accounting experience and is a federal and California state-certified tax preparer. In addition to having a bachelor’s degree in accounting, he is CIW and ICDL certified.

Prior to joining SFMade, Medo worked as the Controller for The Center for Investigative Reporting.

Medo is a native of Egypt.

Contact Medo:
415-408-5605 x 17


George Colón
Director of Workforce & Youth Programs

George Colón is a Workforce professional based in Oakland, CA. George has 12 years of business advising experience, with the last 5 years focused on advising around diversity, equity, inclusion, and how to support the success of a more diverse workforce. In addition to advising businesses, George has also spent the last 4 years working directly with the reentry population, other overlooked/underserved populations, and the nonprofit workforce organizations that support them. George’s work has allowed him to build lasting and valuable connections between these entities and individuals, helping to secure jobs, training, and talent pipelines. As such, George has an informed perspective of both sides, and works to develop well rounded, progressive outcomes. George’s position at SFMade continues his trajectory, in both experience and passion. George has also run a successful side business for 20+ years, selling collectibles of every sort online.

Contact George:
415-408-5605 x 18


Jess Nguyen
Workforce & Youth Program Coordinator

Jess is excited to join the SFMade team as the Workforce and Youth Program Coordinator. She is responsible for creating relationships with workforce partners, coordinating and attending events to present SFMade’s programs, engaging businesses to use our job board, and managing the logistics of collecting and reporting workforce data.

Prior to SFMade, she spent the first part of her career in bio-science research and startups. Recently she has worked for education advocacy at City College of San Francisco, and managed social media and marketing for a CCSF board of trustees campaign in 2020. She was born and raised in San Jose, but after living in San Francisco for over 10 years, she now considers San Francisco her bonus hometown. Jess has studied metal art, jewelry making, woodworking, cabinetry, floristry, and lost wax casting at City College of San Francisco. As a proud graduate of SFMade’s Next Generation Manufacturing Program, Jess is excited to contribute to the future of manufacturing in the Bay Area.

Jess holds a BS in Biology from UC San Diego.

Contact Jess:
415-408-5605 x 19


Michael Erickson
Regional Director – San Jose

Michael joined Manufacture: San Jose , SFMade’s operation in San Jose, after a successful stint running the field operation for the re-election campaign or Sam Liccardo, Mayor of San Jose. Prior to his time as Field Director, Michael was the General Manager for the TechShops in Redwood City and San Jose. His experience at TechShop gave Michael experience with a wide variety of equipment, from Laser cutters to CNC machines and also provided the opportunity to work with small manufacturers in their incubator spaces.

Michael is originally from New Haven, Connecticut , where he studied Political Science and Communications at Southern Connecticut State University, and currently resides in San Jose.

Contact Michael:
408-326-0591 x 1


Phil Lonsdale
Program Manager – San Jose

Phil is an Oakland native who has also lived in France, Ghana, Brazil, and the UK. He has wide-ranging experience in food and tech, from managing one of San Francisco’s most popular gourmet food trucks and founding a community garden in the Outer Sunset, to helping launch the world’s first insect-based animal feed factory in Ghana and creating a digital contact center for the UK’s first recipe box company. Outside of work, Phil loves to garden, collect records, practice yoga, play tennis and follow all of the Bay Area’s sports teams.

Contact Phil:
408-326-0591 x 2



Johnny Jaramillo
Executive Director – PlaceMade







Johnny Jaramillo is the Executive Director of PlaceMade, the sister nonprofit of SFMade, that works with regional municipalities to generate jobs by creating more affordable real estate to grow manufacturing businesses. Johnny, who has extensive economic development, public policy, and city planning experience, most recently served as Economic and Workforce Program Manager for the Association of Bay Area Governments and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

Contact Johnny:
415-408-5605 x 20


Gina Falsetto
Project Director – PlaceMade







Gina serves as Project Director for PlaceMade. Gina’s extensive background in project management and business development, along with her building design and construction proficiency, helps PlaceMade keep their initiatives on track. Her experience working with SFMade members on their urban manufacturing real estate goals has provided her with a wealth of knowledge on zoning, land use, and infrastructure.

Contact Gina: