At SFMade, we’re breaking new ground for economic equity in the Bay Area. By empowering the local manufacturing sector, one of the few capable of creating a path to middle-class jobs, SFMade is helping to close the wealth gap and ensure that our region remains accessible to everyone.

Since our founding in 2010, the number of San Francisco manufacturers is at an all-time high. SFMade counts over 630 companies in its membership that collectively employ over 4,700 people. Last year, our local manufacturers reported 10% net new job growth and generated over $882M for the local economy.

In November 2016, SFMade launched the Bay Area Urban Manufacturing Initiative in collaboration with the cities of San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, and Fremont. In 2017, the Initiative has grown to encompass 26 Bay Area cities. Together we are working to build a more powerful and interconnected regional manufacturing ecosystem. At this pivotal moment in time, we have a chance to lead the way and make the Bay Area the most innovative and inclusive manufacturing region in the county, creating and retaining thousands of middle-class jobs. 

You can support the growth of accessible, middle-income jobs by donating today.  

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