Empowering manufacturers. Creating jobs. Transforming our city.


At SFMade, we see the power of the manufacturing sector to create a more equitable, diverse, and inclusionary economy. By supporting and building the local manufacturing sector, one of the few capable of creating a path to middle-class jobs, SFMade is helping to close the wealth gap and ensure that economic opportunity in our region remains accessible to everyone.

The COVID-19 crisis resulted in a sharp decline in many industries that employ vulnerable populations, and while manufacturing was also impacted, we saw great resilience, and are seeing the sector recover more quickly than others. Bay Area manufacturers have strong potential both for re-hiring and for creating new job and entrepreneurship opportunities for those most impacted by the crisis, including those displaced from other industries such as hospitality and retail, BIPOC, and low-income youth. 

SFMade is committed and on the front lines of ensuring that the economic recovery includes our most disconnected communities, in particular, communities of color. You can support the growth of accessible, middle-income jobs by donating today.

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