Nominate for Manufacturing Our Future: Awards & Summit

Manufacturing Our Future: Awards and Summit – 2020

Nominate exceptional Bay Area manufacturers and supporters that will be honored at the Manufacturing Our Future: Award and Summit 2020 in November in San Francisco.

This event builds on the work of our Bay Area Urban Manufacturing Initiative, and will bring together 400+ manufacturing company leaders, city and elected officials from all 9 Bay Area counties, business and community leaders and other key stakeholders.

The award winner and finalists will be recognized in a special edition of the San Francisco Business Times in November.


Employee Advancement Award
Nominate manufacturers who are doing an outstanding job in advancing their employees.

Environmental Sustainability Award
Nominate manufacturers who are doing an outstanding job in their environmental sustainability practices.

Against All Odds Award
Nominate a person in a leadership position at a Bay Area manufacturing company who has overcome significant adversity to achieve success.

Start, Grow, Stay Award 2020
Nominate a Bay Area city or municipality who has implemented a game changing initiative(s) in the community that allows manufacturers to start, grow, and stay there.

Places to Make Award
Nominate a real estate project/development or building that is creating or sustaining suitable and affordable places for manufacturers to operate in the Bay Area.

Financing the Dream Award
Nominate an organization that is doing an outstanding job providing capital to Bay Area manufacturers.

Tool & Tech Award
Nominate a company that provides an indispensible tool or technical solution to the manufacturing sector.