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Welcome to SFMade’s Job Board, your resource for jobs in the San Francisco manufacturing industry.

How It Works
• Starting the Process: Hiring Company sends a basic job description to SFMade, including: Duties, desired qualifications and experience, hours, salary range, how to apply, 2-3 sentences about your company, and start date.

• Promotion: SFMade promotes your job role to the SFMade network and throughout our network of San Francisco workforce partner organizations.

• Pre-Qualified Candidates Identified: SFMade receives a set of pre-qualified candidates, and forwards their credentials to the Hiring Company.

• Candidate Screening and Selection: Hiring Company interviews and selects a candidate.

• Obtain Extra Incentives and Subsidies: SFMade works with the City to deploy any special local, State, or Federal incentives or subsidies that may be available for that particular candidate – incentives are paid directly to the Hiring Company to offset hiring and on the job training costs.

• Complete New Hire: Company completes provides Employment Verification information to SFMade and hires candidate.

We reach out to over 40 San Francisco workforce training organizations to connect you to local job seekers who have the skills and experience you need.

Many higher level job seekers find the Job Board on their own- SFMade gets a lot of press and our website is high traffic. We’ve made placements ranging from entry level to skilled technicians and managers. Positions range from office to sales to production.

SFMade members are welcome to submit jobs to the job board by emailing Claire Michaels at with a word document that includes:

  • Overview of company/organization
  • Job duties/responsibilities
  • Required and desired qualifications/experience
  • English Language Requirements
  • Location/travel details
  • Hours per week, times of day and working days (I.e. Mon-Fri , Tue-Sun 11am-8pm)
  • Compensation information
  • Clear description of what benefits are available at the company (i.e. Health Insurance, Vacation Days)
  • Instructions to apply.

Please note that SFMade is not responsible for any misrepresentations made by employers. It is solely the responsibility of the company hiring to maintain the validity of their submitted content.

Please note that SFMade members who hire successfully through the job board are required to submit basic demographic information to SFMade