Sustainable and Multi-Style Swimwear by Savu Swim

In 2020, during the midst of the pandemic, Obrie Hostetter, an avid traveler and adventure seeker, was feeling the full force of lockdown and began dreaming of her favorite beach travels. Not one to wallow in despair, Obrie put her dreams to work and prepared for the end of lockdown by sewing swimwear. Not just any swimwear but swimwear that embodied her values – sustainability and transformation – and lifestyle.

Her first piece was made for personal use; a reversible swimsuit that would pack light and transition from the beach to happy hour. When she took it on her first trip, Obrie got great feedback. One night as she was drifting off to sleep, she started to see more designs and realized that swimsuits could go beyond just being reversible and become multi-style, meaning you can twist or tie the suits into different styles depending on your mood or the occasion. She also realized that her passion project could become a business: Savu Swim was born.

Obrie has made sustainability the focus of her career, so she put great thought into all the details – sourcing fabric made from recycled water bottles, using eco-conscious sublimation printing and real coconut shells and wooden beads instead of plastic.

Her commitment to sustainability extends beyond the product and its packaging – Obrie has a vision for Savu Swim to one day be able to recycle suits itself at the end of their lives. She’s also passionately committed to empowering women and having a positive social impact. The suits are made in a fair-wage woman-owned shop in San Francisco.

Since joining SFMade, Obrie has received advice from Client Engagement Manager Jefferson McCarley on marketing and is now looking into attending maker’s events. “Obrie’s swimsuit is so unique.” said Jefferson McCarley, SFMade’s Client Engagement Manager. “So to show it in print, on a hanger, or even on a mannequin, just doesn’t do it justice. It really needs video, or better yet an in-person demo. We’re working on finding the right venues to showcase how versatile this suit is. It’s really incredible.”

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150 Hooper Street, Unit 200
San Francisco, CA 94107
P: 415 408 5605


150 Hooper Street, Unit 200
San Francisco, CA 94107 P: 415 408 5605

Manufacture : San Jose

1608 Las Plumas Avenue
San Jose, CA 95133
P: 408 326 0591